Welcome to Apex

The healthcare system today is broken. Premiums and deductibles continue to rise putting more of the costs of healthcare onto individuals. These high costs force individuals to avoid seeking care for simple problems, when these simple problems get ignored they can escalate into bigger problems that could require ER visits or hospitalizations. Well, now there is hope!

Apex is a full-service medical practice dedicated to the health and wellness of our members. We are a membership-based clinic that does not accept insurance. Our members pay one low monthly fee and then are allowed nearly unlimited office visits per month. Members also have nearly unlimited access to a provider to ask questions or discuss problems over phone, e-mail, text, or video chat.

The title Men’s clinic has become synonymous with Testosterone Clinic. At Apex we offer so much more. Apex specializes in the treatment of Low Testosterone. This is a medical condition that is affecting men at younger and younger ages. Low energy, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and depression are only a few of the possible symptoms that guys with Low T will suffer. Often guys with these symptoms will seek care only to be told that their T level is in the “normal range”. However, these “normal ranges” are nowhere close to the optimal range. This is why it is imperative to seek the advice of a specialist in Men’s health and hormone optimization.