Complete Men’s Care (CMC)

Are you tired of not going to the doctor for simple medical problems because of fear of having to be responsible for the entire cost? Are you tired of paying your monthly premiums and a high deductible before ever even getting to take advantage of insurance? Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about what insurance will pay for? Wouldn’t it be great to have almost unlimited access to a healthcare provider that would be willing to address all of your healthcare concerns?

Apex Men’s Health Clinic is a hybrid of direct primary care and concierge medicine that we call Complete Men’s Care. Our members pay one low monthly fee and are offered numerous benefits not found in a traditional insurance-based doctors office. With unmatched availability and access, our patients are guaranteed the best possible care. Day or night, weekends and holidays an Apex provider is only a phone call away. And since we do not have the restrictions of an insurance-based clinic, many problems can be solved or discussed over the phone. This saves you from missing work or family activities.

CMC memberships are a perfect match for high deductible insurance plans. Members enjoy the benefit of a direct link to their primary care provider while still having coverage for accidents, major surgeries, and hospitalizations. Talk about a win-win!

CMC is also a great option for small or medium sized businesses that can’t necessarily afford the high costs with traditional insurance plans, or just want a better quality health care option. While CMC is not a substitute for insurance, it allows employees the ability to be seen for both chronic and acute medical problems. With Apex membership benefits, employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Apex CMC Member Benefits

1. Annual wellness visit with comprehensive lab panel included.

2. As many as needed office visits per month. This can include visits for blood pressure checks, upper respiratory tract infections, sprains and strains, or laceration repair to name a few.

3. Extended provider access through virtual visits, phone, text, and email.

4. Same day or next day appointments.

5. Exclusive member only pricing for any additional tests or radiology studies that may be needed.

Men's Health Insurance Price Comparison Chart

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