Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

1. Problems with erections

2. Depression and no motivation

3. Reduction in the amount of semen

4. Difficulty sleeping

5. Lowered sex drive

6. Reduced muscle mass

7. Hot flashes

8. A decrease in energy levels

9. Mood swings

Does this sound familiar? Have you experienced these symptoms and been told that your Testosterone level is “Normal”? Well, maybe it’s time to speak with an expert in Men’s Health. Low Testosterone is not just a problem for old men. Anytime after the age of 30 is when a man’s Testosterone production begins to decline. This is sometimes referred to as Andropause and there is a cure. There is no biologic advantage to having Low T. It does not protect us from heart attacks, strokes, or prostate problems. In fact, new evidence is that having a Testosterone level in the optimal range can help prevent some chronic medical conditions.

At Apex, we specialize in Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Our expert staff will take the time to develop your own unique treatment plan. Are you tired of taking time away from work or missing family activities to sit in a Doctor’s office waiting to get a shot? Well, at Apex our patients have the flexibility to do injections at home. Of course, if a patient wants to come into the clinic for an injection, we are happy to help and at no extra cost. We also don’t limit patients to just one form of TRT. We are experts in Pellet therapy, which is a simple in-office procedure where a Testosterone implant is placed under the skin, delivering a constant amount of medication for 3-6 months at a time. Finally, if needles aren’t your thing then Topical therapy is always an option.

At Apex, we like to address all aspects of Men’s health, not just on hormones. We understand that undiagnosed medical conditions like thyroid disease, sleep apnea, and diabetes all can present with similar symptoms to Low Testosterone. Without addressing these other problems, all the Testosterone in the world isn’t going to help you feel better.

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