I was told my Testosterone was normal, but I don’t feel right.

Low energy, low libido, lack of motivation, mental fog, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, poor sleep, poor work performance, weight gain, loss of muscle mass and moodiness. Sound familiar? These are some of the more common signs or symptoms that can happen when a man experiences low testosterone. Everyone is different and symptoms vary from person to person.

So you go to your medical provider and you tell them about these symptoms and after they tell you that you’re just getting older and you need to exercise more, eat better, decrease stress, and get more sleep they reluctantly test your testosterone level. A week later you get a call from the nurse who tells you your testosterone is normal. Now what?

As mentioned in previous blogs all lab tests are resulted along with a reference range. This reference range for testosterone specifically is different at each lab. The way the reference range is figured out is that 90% of everyone tested will fall in the reference range. This is why it is important to see a specialist in Men’s health to get a proper evaluation because the reference range and optimal range are two very different things.

Often at this point, men start to look for other options. This is when a TRUE Men’s Health Specialist can be helpful. Some Men’s clinics only focus on Testosterone. Apex is different, it is true our providers are experts in hormone replacement therapy, but that is not all. Testosterone is just a small component of health, and if other areas are not evaluated and addressed all the T in the world will make no difference. We are dedicated to the health and wellness of Men. Apex strives to help every man reach his full potential and be the husband, father or person they should be.